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Ah, the world of riding with the number of prejudices that go with it.

First of all the prejudices issued by the uninitiated:

"Horseback riding is not a sport" variant "It's the horse that makes it all"

patrice Delaveau JEM
Patrice Delaveau JEM 2014


No need to go back on it we all heard it. We all know this is crap. (then it's true that Patrice he just trusts his horse and he prays that he will chain on the one after)

«The horse I love it in Steak»

Everyone's delirious (I don't endorse)

"It's a chick sport"

This is very strange since it was mostly a military sport (mostly men), before democratizing.

"It's a rich sport, like golf"

Yes for some, but that's not true for everyone. (I would even say that this is far from true for many riders)

And then there are the priori of the riders between them.

"The Trotters are zero" and "the horses of traits it does not rise"

Between the reformed races that are good for nothing and the horses of traits that apart from the hitch are just good to stay in their meadow.

What for?

The number of reformed both Trotters and PS flood the leisure horse market. Because yes a reformed it is not simple to put it in a different perspective than the one for which it was conditioned. That's not to say that he's not a very good sport horse.

Ps: A line horse It can also come up.

"The sports horse lives at the box!"

So technically the horse in the meadow sucks. (= a lot of trotters and PS in the meadow, if you mix with the one above)

So yes I know a bug that costs 1bras (see 2) and a kidney (see a lung) you don't want it to hurt. Some are also more fragile than others (bred to live at the box surrounded by rug can be). But some sports horses live very well in the meadow. And conversely a horse in the meadow is not necessarily retired.

"I am for the without jaws, and barefoot"

It's officially categorized in unconscious Éthonours.

Perhaps this is reflected as a choice?  Progressive change? Maybe even he gets in the saddle with his bomb (OH MY GOD: O)

And its opposite: "I ride with rein, rail"

Add "to the box" and you are the worst of the torturers (and I have not yet said "Spurs").

Maybe a rein for a short time, a temporary help? Railroad because we have a horse with sensitive feet? At the box because you do not want to remove mud for 1h30?


In short as very well say some of the equestrian blogger that I encourage you to read:

Sophie talks about the challenge (indispensable to each of us): Horse Connect

The horse in the meadow Reality: the blond mane


Ps: I think it's a #1 because I still have a lot in mind:)



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