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The anti-fly from L&C

First of all, let me introduce to you Catherine F, artisan and designer confirmed at L&C softness Equine as well as creator of her brand. Catherine, 51 years old, is the mother of young Celia, 17 years old. According to Catherine, without her daughter and their Little Jo horse, L&C softness equine would probably never have been born. Living in the sun (finally for the 3/4 of time!) in the south of France-near Aix en Provence, Catherine is a horse enthusiast especially since « Polly » and « The Black Stallion ». She started riding at the age of 10 and still rises today (it seems that one can say that she is passionate not?). After 24 years of working in solvent chemistry, then as a lab technician and finally a safety/quality assistant, she was fired economically 2 years ago (Long live the crisis!). The labour market being rather closed and difficult, she decided to move towards a path that will allow her to link her passion and her work as well as these previous studies (how everything is not just a waste of time, Bravo Catherine!). L&C Equine Softness has existed since June 20, 2014, and although Catherine does not make enough turnover to live in it, she is a passionate creator who loves her work.
With regard to his profession, Catherine is « Artisan of hygiene products for Horses » (Oh, I see myself saying this to my parents « dad, Mom I want to become ACPHC » Mouahahahha!), she works alone (if one ignores her daughter and her horse, her Official mascots) to buy its raw materials, formulate its products, make them, pack them and sell them on its website-in clubs around the house or on the competition grounds. L&C softness Equine can boast of having fresh produce, indeed, Catherine manufactures its products according to the orders and does not have more than 3 vials of each in stock. Catherine works at her home, she has the chance to own her own manufacturing laboratory and thus makes her working time as it suits her (the advantage of being her own boss!). The prices of its products range from €10 to €21. It offers a range of products such as insect repellents, products for the gloss of hair and horsehair or for the care of hoofs. It also offers Equi-box discovery or by themes in which you will find several products and some practical accessories.
And if you still do not know what to choose for yourself or a friend, you can count on his professionalism, his listening and especially his desire to always satisfy his customers! (Tested and approved…)

Regarding my purchase, given the current time (and we will not complain about the sun!), I opted for insect repellent consisting of cider vinegar and essential oils. It is sold in spray for a smooth vaporization and I confirm that the way the vaporization is done is great because it has a wide field of diffusion but it is also accurate enough to target the desired areas. This repellent cost me €13 + the €6 of port charges is a total of €19, a well deserved price for a product that smells good in addition to being effective. For my part, I tested it on an hour of course in direct sunlight. No allergic reactions on the part of my horse and especially not small annoying insects that would be tempted to annoy him so no tail stroke or incessant scraping.  Concerning the order in itself, I made contact with Catherine by the kiss of her Facebook page and ordered on her website, the means of payment are various. Afterwards an EXCELLENT follow-up of parcels via mails that informs us of the location of our purchase and a very fast reception, indeed received within 4 days after the payment. In conclusion, I recommend, because in addition to being a saleswoman-creative passionate and attentive, the products are of good quality and live up to my current expectations. And everyone knows that it’s always very difficult to find the right insect repellent spray, not too expensive but that smells good (because yes there are some who have a pretty unpleasant odor, and the for the shot, it does not repel that flies…) , and more effective. And even better, it is not chemical! (YOUPY!)

You can find L&C softness Equine, on Facebook and on its website.
You can also find Little Jo and Celia on Facebook.

Feel free to tell me in comment if you have already ordered from L&C Sweet Equine, I would be happy to read you and add your opinion to this article!



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