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My Sunday morning of December rider

A slumbering preparation

This morning awakened naturally at 8:30 am, I look at the weather forecast on my phone. It announces-3 °c with rain showers and snow mingled around 11am. Too bad, I open the shutters on an icy landscape. 15 days that I did not climb on mermaid, 1 week that I have not seen, more than a craving is a need.

Even though I wanted this week, the cold, the night and the fog were right for my will. I could not see myself looking for Sirène in its hectare of meadow sloping with my frontal by not seeing a more 4mètres.

I spent a week in a row, between work and quarrels with my lover.
I need this moment just with her.

Beating the cold

I put on a tank top, a T-shirt and a fleece. I’m of the cautious type, I also put on the fleece-lined pants bought recently. I end up with socks, my old pair of fetish Converse, my coat that smells like the pony, my scarf and the bonnet.
I sank a little hot water in a thermos to unlocked my old car with its lock that freezes and that does not unlock by pressing a button. I thought about taking an apple and a clementine but neither of them are for breakfast.

I arrive at the club, there is no one, like every Sunday morning, whether it is cold or not. I set up my stuff, on the grooming area and I’m going to get mermaid.
I walk along the path of the frozen quarry, after a few minutes walking I see the horses. They are hay on the top of the meadow, not far from the entrance, so much the better. I take a picture of the halter with the ice crystals and get my mare.

A little work

She comes out of the meadow with spirit, glad to get out a bit of the stretch in which she spends her life. I forgot everything else, there is more than it, the cold and me.
It is dirty, this year it has no cover and looks like a mammoth. After a stroke of grooming, checking the various Bobo, I saddle.
I’ve been thinking about taking my motion * that’s been going on for a few weeks to see our progress as a couple working alone.
I put on my bomb, I swap my converses against my boots and it’s gone.
I am fortunate to have a ride, even if it is small, we are sheltered from the wind and frost.

Mermaid responds beautifully to the legs following the exercises given by the coach during the last course. It shifts with a simple calf pressure and with a small offset of my plate. We still have work to do. The coach arrives in the middle of my session and observes. He is happy and notes a good progression. Under My buttocks mermaid has more bounce, she rides her tourniquet, no longer plunges forward and begins to settle quietly on my hand. We only took two classes, but it made us both crazy.

The reward

She worked well, we leave 10min outside, just because it feels good. Even if I had the tip of my nose completely cold.
I remove the material, and give it half an apple. I do my feet and I get a clementine out. It’s her cute sin and it’s the first one this year, if she had been a dog she would have stirred her tail by licking her chops.
She watches me peel the clementine, I give her the peelings, anyway she steals them if I don’t. I give him quarters, I eat one or two. And we go back to the meadow, she leaves without looking back, as usual when she knows I have nothing left to eat.

My mare is a loner, like me, but with two we are a couple horse/rider.

My mare, my bulwark against madness.Horse rider

Even if Sirène is a loner, it’s my comfort when I’m sad. You know when you bury your nose in the mane, you sniff the neck and suddenly it soothes you. Mermaid is my simple universe, my world of happiness that allows me to cross the real world. Mermaid It is the mare that absorbs my emotions, which helps me to understand them and to get better.
It’s the mare that won’t let me approach it when I’m upset, so I stopped going when I’m angry.

Mermaid This is my half, my rampart not to sink into madness, in depression, in emptiness.

Without her I would potentially be locked up in an asylum, I’d have to freak out.
Without it you would have no blog.

Without her, I wouldn’t be me.


Post Author: Aliénor

Cavalière passionnée, propriétaire d'une jument trotteur français du nom de Sirène du Bijou qui fait régulièrement office de crash test.
Ma vie se résume a monter a cheval et manger des bonbons devant Netflix.

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