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étrier rid'up rouge

A newcomer to the world of the stirrup and that is already making noise.

Rid’up the innovative stirrups.

You’ve probably heard about it, they’re competing in the most fashionable Freejump and Flex-on. Get ready, because it sends heavy!
What the brand says:

  • An articulated and oriented eye to relieve the joints (knee-ankles) and optimize the plate
  • A wide floor for the comfort of the foot and well down the heel
  • Spikes to never lose them
  • Safety, the Rid’up caliper is dissociate from the Étrivière in the event of a fall
  • Light but solid material
  • The damping sole, to absorb the shocks. To relieve the rider’s joints but also the horse’s back.

    Black Rid'up caliper
    Available in several colors, on the website of the brand

In test, what does the Rid’up stirrups look like?

Already thanks to the brand that sent me the stirrups to test them and who did not ask to read my article before its released. So here is my opinion, as usual, honest 100%.
Let’s put things in context. I go up in leisure, with composite reflex and joint worries especially on the left knee.
So I expected a lot of these stirrups.
On my first try, my stirrup leathers being downright too long (they descend lower than the composites), I almost climbed on tiptoe. But I didn’t lose them once!
On my second try, after making holes in my stirrup leathers, I felt stable, not comfortable but after 4 years on my current stirrups, that’s normal. I did a flat session and even 2-3 jumps.
On my third try, I am well, comfortable with the stirrups. I know this is my last session with and it depresses me.Rid'up Stirrup, Equisense mat

The revelation!

I got off the horse without having a sore knee, nothing a sign and this is the first time since I have joint level worries! They are comfortable, we do not lose them, we are well placed in the descent level of leg. And the best: they annihilate the pains of my joints. Yes I already said but it is important information.

The price.

The stirrups are priced at €239, quality and manufacturing in France. But as the brand is super nice she gave me a promo code for you! Please send me a DM on Facebook, Twitter or Insta to save 10% !

The website of the brand Rid’up

If my banker had agreed, this pair of stirrups would already be part of my upholstery!

Edit 20/06/2018: Many of you have ordered a pair with the promo code, so the brand chose to offer me a pair! I am always delighted and the brown floor is much better with my equipment. If I could enjoy it is thanks to you, thank you!

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