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Equisense, what is it?

« We believe that in our sport we must be humbled for every day to question ourselves. It is the patience and perseverance that allow for the duration to progress.
We believe that success is the result of teamwork in care and training. Like all riders, we felt this need to better understand our horses.

It is this vision of our sport and the belief that digital can help riders to progress and practice a more respectful riding that motivates us every day to move forward.

Equisense, it is a team carried by a world community of enthusiasts: riders, owners, veterinarians, scientists, coaches…

Together we imagine the riding of tomorrow.  »

This is the text that can be found on the site Equisense, necessarily these values speak to me and many times I approached on the blog the subject of the questioning. I had already discovered Equisense has its launch, via social networks, then in real at the Paris Horse Show 2016.

The Motion of Equisense, a real help?

In October 2017 I cracked on this small object, it has been watching me for a long time and with the payment offers in several times, I was going to put my banker in agreement.

As you probably already know, I have been riding alone for several years. I’ve accumulated a lot of flaws and sirens as well. I needed an outside look that did not have its own view of things. I needed a tool to allow me to visualize whether my feelings were right or completely distorted.

The Motion, what does it analyze?

The small sensor that clings to the strap, which is compatible with all straps, allows to analyze:

  • The total time of the session
  • The number of transitions
  • Time spent at each pace
  • The number of jumps
  • The symmetry of the horse
  • The distribution of the session
  • The ratio right hand to left hand
  • The pace of each pace
  • The regularity
  • The rebound

Soon the time to hover and the analysis of the first will also be analyzed.

As much as telling you that it’s very complete, the only thing missing, I think, is a heart rate monitor.

The Motion, for which rider/horse?

For everyone!

Whether it is for a young horse in order to see the progression or on an older one to monitor a possible problems of the lame type. For the solitary rider of leisure who seeks to deepen his feeling and work in the right way but also for the rider of CSO who visualize better the cadence that his horse must have on a lap. For the rider who is going up in class to make a debrief with his monitor afterwards.
For pro riders who want a technical tracking and encrypted progress.
In short you will have understood it is a help for all.

These are my notes with mermaid, on the last session she has a big drop of symmetry indicating the sacrum blocked.

My opinion on the product?

I am completely delighted and I ride with each time. Whether it’s career or outdoor. I still can’t balance my left hand/right hand ratio but I believe it. Plus I haven’t told you yet about the app that goes with it!

Motion Equisense symmetry, horse sensor Cadence Not Trot Gallop horse Equisense Motion Cadence Not Trot Gallop horse Equisense Motion Rebound not trot gallop horse Equisense Motion

The Equisense application

Completely free, it works even without the motion. A whole list of training is proposed and recently you can also noted your sessions or the care you have done.
Even without the motion I recommend it to all riders.

I love my motion and I could not do without it. I like the values of the brand and the idea of respect for the animal and progression in the right sense conveyed.

Equisense Rug

The price of the Motion is €299 if you pay at one time, otherwise €79 then €20 per month for 11 months.


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