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perfect man seen by horserider

My perfect man, a man who supports the horserider I am.

Who has never fantasized about a man in every perfect point? We already demanding rider with our mount surely are also with men. I wanted to portray the perfect man seen by me, Horserider.

#1 bear the smell of the pony, he must

Summer as winter, the rider goes to the stables-Champs-centre-equestrian-pension (scratches the mention useless). She puts her hands in the mud, cures her feet, makes a big hug to her beloved pony. In short on the return of the horse, the rider wears a special fragrance of perspiration, hay, mud, horse and dung. So you don’t need a nose that’s too sensitive.

#2 Learn to leave room

Whether you’re a city rider or a field horse, it takes equipment. In general the stables are equipped with a saddle, but have you ever seen a rider tidying up all of her equipment in a locker? I personally have 2 saddles, 2 trunks full and still full of tinkers… So yes he will sometimes have to accept a saddle in the living room. But if it is the perfect man an entire room will be dedicated to your riding practice.

#3 know it will pass after

Your horse is already the man of your life, if he is sick even if you are on vacation you come home immediately presto. Your perfect man will know when it’s not him you’ll need.


#4 spend time at the equestrian center he will accept

Your days are rhythmic, when you get out of work, you have to take care of pompom. You need someone to carry your saddle, pass the brush you need, take your picture for Instagram, watch filming for your Youtube channel.

#5 He must be your first fan

Raised at 5:00 a.m. on Sundays, for the CSO (or other) contest. He’s going to undergo the nerve attack because Pompom ripped half the pawns made the day before.
On your turn, he’s ready to take pictures and videos.
It will console you if you have done 4.8 or 12points (or other depending on the discipline). He’ll reassure you if you eat the sand. He will congratulate you if you have done without fault, 4, 8 or 12 points (or other depending on the discipline).
« The course was complicated » « Pompom does not like navy blue bars » « It Wasn’t Your song »

#6 have a good apology

If he did not come with you on a rainy day it is to prepare you a hot chocolate with marshmallows in it. If he did not come with you on this summer day it is to prepare the aperitif with a good Mojito


#7 know how to read the dictionary

He will learn words to follow a discussion. Because clearly for him, a cork and a fork it was only in the kitchen.

#8 your horse friends he will appreciate

Because you see them at the Equestrian Center, on Sundays on the contests but also at the aperitifs


#9 He will listen to you

He will listen to you tell your session, even if he has no idea what a leg assignment is. He will follow the lively discussions with the horse’s girlfriends who are arguing which is the best rider of the current CSO.

#10 He will be in solidarity

He will give sweet treats to pompom because he too and in this galley. The poor man did not choose you!



Post Author: Aliénor

Cavalière passionnée, propriétaire d'une jument trotteur français du nom de Sirène du Bijou qui fait régulièrement office de crash test.
Ma vie se résume a monter a cheval et manger des bonbons devant Netflix.

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