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After two months of stopping in the writing of the blog, the new topic of the cavalcade of Blogs organized by Qalo & Lolo is all indicated.

As you will guess with the title, the theme is the benefits of a break. (the subject’s launch text)

Why take a break from riding?

The break can be forced or not. Sometimes we are discouraged, with the feeling of stagnating and in general the pause is necessary.
The moment of our life can be complicated and we all know that riding takes a big place in it.

Why did I pause in my cavalier life? 

I’ve had several breaks. The first is when I was tired of going on a club resume, I didn’t feel like I was advancing in the direction of the horse or as a rider. So I ended my life as a club rider and turned to half board. I then paused on foot when I recovered mermaid which was unbearable. And lately I do breaks often because I do not want to ride or a problem with mermaid (type abscess which I already speak here).

The benefits of a break?

Taking breaks is always beneficial (or almost). They allow you to do otherwise, to question yourself, to try something else.

A break may be the way to question his vision of horseback riding, mine on video during a previous edition of the Cavalcade: 

Indeed there is so much discipline and current of thought in our equestrian world that it is enough to find the right way.

During my break on foot in my debut with Mermaid, it allowed me to rest bases that seemed important to me. But mostly getting to know my mare better. Then the work on foot is varied! Between the games, the desensitization, the lanyard, the free jump, the ballad in Hand…
We have something to do and we see things differently. Trust has been able to move more freely between me and her.

And sometimes the hardest thing is to get back in the saddle because you apprehend. « I have a super hot mare and it’s 1mois I haven’t ridden. » This sentence I already thought, then finally the mare was adorable, finally adorable it’s a big word for mermaid, say rather as usual and the apprehension quickly flew away.

Horse side

For them too it is a holiday. A horse does not need to work. We work his horse to achieve a particular goal but if the need is to do 1h of ballad on Sunday promised your horse in the meadow will have no worries to make it. He loses muscle and cardio, like us but to a lesser extent.

Take Back Cool

A recovery whether it is for the rider, the horse or the couple must be cool and progressive. We do not start with a course at 130 when we did not work for 6 months. We do not start again with the big saddle session if not good courage not to walk like Lucky Luke for 1 week.

You will have soreness if you have stopped for a long time and if like me you do like other sport the toss of chips in the mouth from your couch…

Riding is always a passion and a passion can not live at 300% 24h/24


Post Author: Aliénor

Cavalière passionnée, propriétaire d'une jument trotteur français du nom de Sirène du Bijou qui fait régulièrement office de crash test.
Ma vie se résume a monter a cheval et manger des bonbons devant Netflix.

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