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You now have the habit of seeing us participate in the theme of the cavalcade: If you are new it is a concept launched by the blog horse-Easy. Every month a blog hosts the Cavalcade and gives a theme, this month it's Eperdument horse.

I leave you the link of the cavalcade of the month here: right there

As we are 2 on this blog (even sometimes a little more) Coralie is also expressed on the subject: I urge you to read his text

And let's go back to the heart of the subject: my fear on horseback

I was never a big reckless, I started riding around 14 so already I knew I could get hurt.

The fact of having a mare a little moody does not fix my little anxieties.

Because I'm often afraid to get boarded or when she loads, she doesn't stop.
Well must also say that the first time I climbed on I almost ate the sand (the jumps of sheep, without the stirrups, etc…). In addition I saw him put one of the riders came to do a half-board test on the mat… (If you go through that I'm still sorry).

Finally good I am not super brave and I have a mare "difficult".

The scenery is planted!

I was mostly afraid since my last fall (the only and only Miss Mermaid the Terrible).
Sunday afternoon in the Forest of D'olonne sur Mer, accompanied by my baby by bike, a lot of cloud (kind of storm that is preparing). After a little while I feel the mare irritated, I warn my darling (who pedaled in the semolina) that we go home. On the return the panicking mare went to the gallop. In hindsight I think I did the emergency rein too late. In short a mare, on a distance that has passed far too fast to my liking, who gallops full-assed head in my boot. I think I screamed, I was scared. Afraid for me (well yes anyway), for her (the road at the end) and for the poor guy (family or anyone) who could have passed. Fortunately we did not cross anyone else or I think we passed him.
Long before the road there is a barrier, which must be circumvented. When I saw the barrier, I felt my mare preparing to jump, and then I knew we would go to the pile all 2. She pounded in front of the gate and made a difference. I finished the head in the roots of the tree next to the fence, the breath cut, the reins in hand. My mare in her panic kicked me in the back, which made me so angry, that I was able to breathe. It took me a while to get up, and it was still sitting that my boyfriend found me.

I could not hold my mare on the return (always stressed), so I chose to hold the Mount more reliable: the bike.

Arriving in front of his meadow, his panic was gone and I decided to get back in the saddle at the stop (at the tether) to tell me that I could go back on his back. ("Always go back after a fall")

I didn't break anything, I guess I'm solid, I still had a radio back. I had headaches for several days (but good apparently the nurse, who just asked me if I had my bomb, did not feel it necessary to do further tests)

I had a sore back for a long time (3 months) and 2 sessions of Osteopathy have me in place ("It looks like you've done several barrels in the car!" "Uh nan I just broke my mouth…")

This fall at present 2ans almost day by day.


Since then I have not dared to gallop in a ballad.

But someday I'll try again.

PS: On the other hand I galloped in career

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