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horse origami

Are you missing some deco? Then why not?

A garland with origami horses.

A DIY that won’t cost you much and even if you’re not very gifted with your hands it’s an easy origami.

You will need: sheets of paper, a pair of scissors and what to tie the horses together.Origami Horse

Because it’s easier to put you directly to the folding tutorial of Lollipuff than to make you the same photo myself.

namely that I am totally nil in Origami, so if I get there, everyone can do it!

The advantage is that you can choose the color, the size (just make small squares) and the number.
A place or a garland, it’s an idea of Nice and original Deco.

Origami Horse

This article is the 11 ° box of the advent calendar of equestrian bloggers, I invite you to devour the boxes you missed, following the Facebook event of the calendar.


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