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my favorite horse exercises

I don’t have any!
What for?

Let’s assume that riding is a sharing or the horse brings to the rider and vice versa. I also assume that coercion to arrive at an exchange does not exist.

I’m a date without a schedule, I’m totally in the feeling.

When I go to the meadow to pick up my mare, I see how long it takes, what to do, what goals I set and my mare’s attitude.
I do not go out in competition and I am not a rider with a level of crazy so I have no important goals, if not please me.

If it is nice and not cold that I feel my cold mare in her head, why not go on a ballad. I am able to make assignments to the leg in a way as well as in the carousel after all
. If it rains and I’m still with my mare (because Netflix and work have not been right for me) I go in the carousel.

Work on foot, loin, saddle?

Saddle up!

Yes I am the kind of rider tried a galloping foot change in the diagonal, while the mare never did it and I never did it either. Because I felt it was available, and then at the worst it didn’t go through. On this exercise there even if he was not worthy of a horse of the Prix St Georges, we still passed. To recall I have a French trotter.

For my return in the saddle in early February we worked on the start to gallop off the stop without going to the grand trot, without Ambler and without getting excited. The goal, work the answer, impulse and enjoy the start on the hips to avoid having a mare on the shoulders. The objective behind: to muscle the mare (and the rider who has been sore all over for 2 days), to take up the exercises made by her pleasure because she loves to gallop. Yes, strange for a trotter, but let’s move on.

Not to mention favorite exercises here are the ones that I do regularly
in the saddle: besides the fact that I spend my life in the saddle to make circles because 1 I have a mare hot potato and 2 it doe
s not hold at all. I work a lot the attitude change, I work a lot long reins. I have a mare hyper sensitive and at the slightest fault of hand or misunderstanding, she shakes the head or she has it rises to the level of my ears. She also shakes her head on a bouncing leg.

So I’m already trying not to do anything, to have it correctly on the hand (not a rotten place with the posterior 40000 behind). And it’s already good!

Go along!

I already try not to have a mare that makes potatoes in place of a circle. It’s already a lot of effort. Moreover I work with the voice since the beginning siren afraid of the maid. Widening and shrinking of circle and straight line.
The goal is to reach one day, that the stop is not next to me but on the circle.

On foot!

On foot I like to have a minimum connection with her, she who has as much concentration as an oyster on steroid. She gets me in the merry-go-round, we stop when I stop, but yet simple, she often makes a U-turn to stop in front of me.
She loves the leg and every time I ask a few things and she does not understand it, she does the leg, back see makes the reference.

If you want to see more exercise I let you look at my table Pinterest special exercises.

Why I never talk to you about my exercises, does not give you advice on your pure practice?

I take this opportunity to address this issue. I am not an instructor, I like to learn, I like to read and therefore I am generally well informed about the theory. But it is for me unthinkable to give you advanced and precise advice.

I don’t feel coherent about this kind of thing. I’ll be afraid to say something stupid, because let’s be clear, I’m a casual rider who rides a hobby, I don’t have a wonderful level. I refuse to think I’m someone I’m not!

Thanks for this topic of the cavalcade of blogs given by a Dada my Dadi

Photo illustrating the exercise: the Blog Equisense

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My favorite riding exercises

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Cavalière passionnée, propriétaire d'une jument trotteur français du nom de Sirène du Bijou qui fait régulièrement office de crash test.
Ma vie se résume a monter a cheval et manger des bonbons devant Netflix.

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