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The sleek brush what is it?

This brush is made in several models for several animals, because a rider also has the right to love dogs and cats (and even else, if if I swear). It is a brush with small teeth to remove dead hair and dust. In short it looks great!
As I did not get the idea of the commissioned, I was able to "interview" Floriane who had the good idea to test it:)


How did you find out about that brush?

► I discovered the brush after sharing a video on Facebook & after several discussions with a friend, we found a site us that sold for less than the brand proposed in the shared video.

What's that brush doing?
► With its small blade, it allows the removal of the dead hair on the horse in a tuft of hairs.

Front rug After
We still have to rub, we're not going to lie

 Why did you try the experiment?
► Try because so far all the brushes I have tested for removal of dead/flying hair on my Big 5 bear (yes she told me Bear, so I transcribed but in real they look like the picture below) had no efficiency & I Found with much more hair on me than on the brush (who has never experienced this?)

Jin go star and Levin go star
Jin go star and Levin go star

What do you think?
► I am conquered! After trying it on my little 4 year old, I found a mare with silky hair to the touch & shiny to the visual.
I passed my hand in the direction of the hair and made a counter-sense, and to the great miracle, more flying hair, a real pleasure.
It was also ideal when cleaning the felt mat (Western carpet) that had hair thicknesses, & As for the horse, many brushes tried, it was an equally remarkable miracle! The 3/4 of hair and dirt present accumulated in a ball for an easy removal and the obtaining of a clean rug that does not pass to the machine cleaning.
Brushing at the tourniquet level Rump level





What is its price?

► There are 3 versions so 3 prices.
-The horse version at $20
-The cat version at $13
-The dog version at $16
Plus the shipping costs since this is an import from the USA, on the other hand no customs fees to count (and that's cool)!

Front/after Mat


The brand website 

Floriane's photo Facebook






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